The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning For starters, to those post-Faefever fans, this is whole different genre of KMM fiction you've gone into. This series might not suit to your frustratingly prolonged book about a sudden apocalypse and damn frustratingly story about a bubbly girl gone Buffy-darkside but this book started it all. Yes, this book started the whole Faefever thing but come on. I'm actually the one who waited YEARS for next KMM's PNR after that stuck-in-the-mirror story and suddenly I got myself Urban Paranormal series instead. (this is what indie-gone-to-mainstream feels like)This book was what drove me into the whole smutty PNR genre in 2003 while I was merely 15. Saucy reading for PMR-age at that. LoL. I used to read this all the time (yeah, I'm porny in the head), and followed the series faithfully til Faefever with its dystopian paranormalcy. I got my online nickname from the faerie queen too :) Dageus MacKeltar was cursed with multi-personality disorder.. that is, he got himself 12 evil druid spirits inside his head. It happened when he broke the compact/agreement by the Tuatha Danaan to use the time portal for his 'personal' use instead for saving the world (related to the previous book which I'm not gonna spoil). In present day, he searched for a way to reverse this curse and had to steal old tomes from libraries for research and got a nickname "Gaulish Ghoul". Chloe was one of the librarian sent to Dageus penthouse with a book that he asked to borrow. Inside his penthouse, Chloe found the stolen books under his bed... and Dageus found her there and tie her up to the bed... well you got the picture.But what fascinates me the most was the gaelic words and the whole fae things that made the story somewhat scifi fantasy slash history fiction. Plus the cover is gorgeous... and I developed some fetish to men's back.. which I blame fully on the Highlander's obscure covers.There's some pancaked psychopaths in it so it does pass my acceptable read threshold.