Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer It feeling exactly...I was afraid when this book get the 3 points because its usually bad for me (like borders to lengthy boredom, nothing happen until I read 200-300 pages in the 400pg book). But actually the book is pretty enjoyable, like Lord of The Ring slash Potter slash Underworld. There's war, people dying, politics, sacrifices and such. Which always a good thing thats worthy for the volumes it have. Which is pretty impressive.I don't know why some reviewers need to be that spoilsport. It didn't end like you thought it would, (I would be mad if it did end like normal ending) it doesn't mean the book isn't good that you had to just slam it because you didnt get your normal happily ever after. And I'm not big on "team" thing since its terribly unrealistic to expect one character to start and end together that way. So if you wanted to end it your way, is just a tab away.As for Calla, I was taking it to Ellora's Cave level with the threesomes in the early part of the book, which is kinky but hey, I've read a lot of werewolves threesomes and so, its not that shocking. I like that she had spunk in this book. Lust and female Alpha-rage go well in hand. Calla's still as confused as she was in the first book but atleast she got some guts on her and tell off her beaus to be civilize or no cookies. Didn't I say, the pseudo-threesomes is hot? like.. hell yeahThe LOTR statement was the Skyrim quest they take in the middle of the book. I do have to take myself time off from continuing reading these book. It does built up and then fall down like a multi-bell shaped graphs. (yes, I don't know how I shall use my leftover biostatistics so I include it in reviews too) And Skyrim Quest always leave me exhausted.. as fun as it to conjure a werewolf in Skyrim, its as 'fun' as trying to get into a dungeon with Hagravens with earphones in your head, hearing them breathing and wacks and cries of death. Sigh...Overall it is a good end. For a wolf YA novel series anyway.This series need a movie series. There's a lot of wolf action in it that made me think I was watching 101 Dalmations. Its not that bad but some action part are too descriptive. I never had a wolf or a dog. I know a cat behaviour, not puppy whines and growls etc so, for the animal scenes, I really do need visual stimulation, not words... so..... its kinda confusing and repetitive. I skip some scenes because the book is written in mixed POV that I kind of didnt know where I was in an action scene.But in the end, I only think about the rereadibility of the book and honestly, the writing and the story itself is very good. It doesn't deluded itself. The book is serious. There's a lot of politics, ugly and animal nature over and undertones in the series which is right up to my taste. Its not suitable for early readers but for me, its good 100% werewolf story that I actually get the vibes of Patricia Briggs in this.The author need to get out of YA genre and straight into Paranormal Adult fiction. Like ASAP. Oh shut it about Ren and stuff.. go find Skip Beat! and salivate over Tsuruga Ren like I always do.