Let the Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist Is it possible that this book is -like ten times scarier than the two "Let The Right One In" movies combined? I haven't read that much gore in a while. Honestly, I cheated. Months ago, I read this book from the wikipedia article and weirdly, the book is a simple reading than that one summary (filled with Lolitaish, Noir-ish, and politics that I wondered if Im actually reading the exact book). Its quite open ended and very open to any interpretations (which is why the author is currently doing a prequel and bit sequel).This book is much better novel than Stieg Larsson. He's pretty detailed but this one is pure storytelling. I wonder what its like in Swedish.The book is an equivalent ride of "Requiem For A Dream". There's a lot of characters in it and each have their own stories. Oskar, Eli, Hakkan, Virginia, Lacke, Tommy, Jonny and etc. Honestly, I didnt quite bother memorizing all them since the story is linear enough that it suck you through the storyline. From sexual frustrations to first person bullying to character's death to pedophilia to obsessions and teen angst to and to. I can't even list them all out. There's so many. Weirdly, the author have a fascination of eyeballs. Burned eyeballs. Knifed eyeballs. Melted eyeballs. Thank god IKEA's meatballs aren't that eyeball-sized.I never read Saw-like horror books like this but damn the author is good. And highly detailed on the blood, the smell, the environment... which is darn freaky. The two movie adaptations doesn't even do justice to this pure gore-fest of a literature. Its like reading Dexter in flashback as a kid but even worser than seeing Michael C Hall in wigs. There's maybe a satirical outlook to Swedish education and justice system but pfft who cares, this book erased Twilight from my mine.