Legend - Marie Lu The story start with Day (who was the republic's most wanted criminal..... so River Tam-level kakoiiness...) who saw his family house marked with X with a line - the sign of plague. He found out that his youngest brother were sick and he need to find the cure so he broke into a hospital in disguise, threatened a doctor against soldiers and escaped with suppressants drugs, gun shot wound, cracked ribs and a bad fall. Before that he throw a knife at a soldier's shoulder, Mathias Iparis, who tried to stop him before Day disappear into a tunnel.Then came the other POV, June Iparis, a prodigy with perfect score in her Trial marks, was called to the hospital because her brother Mathias was found dead with Day's knife in his heart. I started reading this at 1am and now its 6am... this is really one of the rare gems I read that made me spellbound for hours to read this.... should I dare? hmm.. yeah I dare.This is by far the best book in YA Dystopian genre. Do I dare even more? Its even far better than Hunger Games (which I hated Gale/Katniss/Peeta love story), Enclave (which at some point can be confusing like the movie Ember did), Divergent (Hogwarts for dystopian) and any shit you give me. First part, I thought it was like Starship Trooper, then Day and Tess made me think it was Escaflowne, then awhile later I thought it was Final Fantasy 8 and finally, Hell, its the frickin' Firefly! How come I never heard from this book beside a silent recommendation from a book list in a website? Why why why??I love how the scenes changes from Day and June. How the story start with a bang - a murder? who's innocent? Is Day a killer? Why Day did all these? Most of all, the storytelling. I have a hard time finding good mystery that was easy to read and this book fits the bill. Its engaging, it made you question everyone motives, you get the sense of impending doom building up and the intensity of the characters even though everything happened too fast. The conspiracy, the erased history of the United States. The North Korean-dictator resemblance in this new America. The human experimental thing is eerie true and somehow prophetic. The memorability of the characters - Day, June, Tess, Mathias, Kaede, John, Eden, Thomas. Everyone have their own motives and the trials. Its fast pace and filled with action. Generally, its very well done for a YA book. I couldn't say much except that I adore this series.