KOUGAR - Shaz Johar From the rating, you will know this is one scathing review. You guess, right. I am quite surprised by it actually. Usually I am much nicer to debut authors but....Its quite fascinating how some literature can get published these days which proves to be motivating at some point. I've rated by my feeling of the book, mind you. I know the ideas and effort that the author tries to put into the book but some moments it does seems like paddings and its very disappointing when the story goes where it does. Kinda agree with some definition of pulp fiction..... "Like 'junk food' is to nutrition". I read a lot of them when I am bored and I do think its quite harmless but still.. *big sigh* ... I am confused with the idea itself... is the character is supposed to be an anti-heroine? Because she's like the supporting character of herself. The characterization is too messy to the readers to even care/root for her. She had the makings but its really shallow to think she allowed herself to be written this way.Honestly, I was tired of the pages when I reached last quarter of the book when I began to feel the story sort of fell through to oblivion. This is the story of Kisha, an office lady who likes young man. Weirdly enough, she had so much drama while she was in her 40s that I wonder what really have happen the last duration of her lifetime. Its like a blank slate of a woman who suddenly found herself nearing 5 and 0. I mean.. I know MILF and cougars in some sense that I can get some of the male fascination over them but somehow I was weirded out by this. Kisha is a very unlovable woman who found men of all age wanting to get a piece of her for her redeeming 'physical' qualities for her age. She doesnt seem to have any principle for a mean 'cakar2 cougar', she thrives being a drama queen and can be very vain and she's very much like a carbon copy of malay drama character in tv3. I facepalmed myself when I bring the book to my writing friends who skims through the book with big frowns on the foreheads. One of them had read the author's blog and found him really rude and judge the book solely on it. Some of them advised me not to continue reading it so I wont get the bad infectious writing vibes but I defer since I always would try end something when I begun, even if its bad or boring fiction.Actually since its a first-person view book, I felt like the character is akin to having a huge boulder over whenever you read her referring to your own self. Its pretty depressing when I was forced to be in her character (1st POV mind you) and I dislike myself being her. There's variety of things that didnt really need to be written to make the story solid but existed. I went through a few pages and astounded on how the characters were terribly messed up in this. I am confuse which is who and who actually. Usually even uncommon and unconventional character can be tweaked around to be likeable (hell, Malcolm McDowell's Alex in A Clockwork Orange is very misogynist character who raped women but he is weirdly loveable) its not a skill everyone have but if you are intending to go to the road, do it. But, make the story rather intriguing instead of another sob story of a woman who let her mother annoy her into marrying a guy who ends up to be a misogynist bastard with some bad press with woman and an unconvincing series of hexagonal men which is like another double set of cullen-black bromances.I know there's people who rated badly for the books I like to read, I accept it but I have read a lot of books about a 30 to 40 something girl who fall in and out of love and etc but personally this book is like any other rm15 mild romance books minus good sex scenes and good ending. If you want to read it, please do, but I would have to recommend another good romance book to get the after-taste out of the tongue to compensate it. Malay books hardly ever satisfies me, I could only count one hand how many Malay books I've read that I wrote scathing remarks over them for 2011. Its just a special case of a girl like me who like strong character and go 'meh' when it was just my imagination.