CEKIK - Ridhwan Saidi The anticipation after reading this.... feel like thisYes...One of the reasons why I don't read malay novels is that their synopsis always give away their plot. Let me show you how.It started with someone monologuing with mi maggi and goes like this "Tahun 2020, di Bandar, Warith, pemuda berusia 16 tahun, menerima berita pembunuhan bapanya di Kampung melalui telefon. Warith kini bersekedudukan dengan teman wanitanya Suria yang berusia 32 tahun. Dari jendela apartment mereka, Menara Warisan Merdeka kelihatan agam." This is like a proper plot for Kougar which I rated badly because of the darn fillers in them. Then he "Imbas kembali Warith sewaktu kecil menonton video porno milik bapanya" and I supply to it "with his father" and then the story of him eating bird's eye chili paste and then a 'golden' shower scene but later in quarter finale we revisited the scene again which I say, things can be predictable. "Warith pulang ke Kampung dengan Suria. Di kawasan perkuburan, mereka didatangi Detektif Anthony, yang pernah mengenali Suria sewaktu sama-sama gila-gila remaja. Mereka kemudian ke tempat pembunuhan, di mana beberapa rahsia lain akan terbongkar." Which was technically... the story of the book which people didn't tell me. Sigh...I don't really know what to say about this novel. Honestly there's nothing new about it, the shock factor wasn't really that shocking unless you live in a box. How do you think I first know about Anne Rice? Pfft... Yeah, the first two chapter were pure erotica which was a whole lot of page wasting if you think about the length of the book (258 pages). Have you read something by Marquis de Sade? Thats far more weirder than this. Atleast that doesn't have periodic monologues in it.Initially I would give it a three but then I thought about it... just two. I like the writing style, usually means I like the author. But as for content, 70% was just descriptive pornography 20% drama 10% philosophical talk. I like the 10%. I would like it much better if I could rearrange some plots in the end with the beginning and made it more like a proper mystery instead of just a plain pornographic read. This is not smut, this is just plain porn. If you are wondering why I said that since I usually read half-clad novels I tell you this as it is. Normal romance have minimal smut and too much drama. Paranormal smut have smut with fangs, claws, blood drinking, neck snapping and bashing walking dead with an axe to their brain (which are most of my reads). And all of them surprisingly written by women who can be enjoyed by women and surprisingly was read by men. It fact all my feedback from literotica was by men.And the problem with men writing erotica was that they always came out as porn. Which are boring by definition since somehow they usually like to describe their paragraph along like they're narrating scenes from porn movies of their choice..... which I can actually extract from this novel. I guess this soulless style will appeal to boys/men readers but definitely not female readers. Someone should stamp this with that 'Mature audience' stamp that graphic novels have. I'm predicting someone from censorship board will caught wind of this.