Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs The book is not a PNR which is really good for those who don't like smut in the books. Haha... *coughguiltycough* The cover is pretty deceiving though. This book is not a normal PNR since its more paranormal fiction. I remember the beginning of this book but I dont remember the ending. I know this book is about an omega and alpha, probably I didnt finish it because of class or something. The story is about a were-girl named Anna who was saved from her cruel wolfpack by Charles, son of the Marrok (kind of werewolf king) and was his father's executioner/jury/police to the werewolves population. Anna was a rare Omega, one who can bring calm even the most alpha of their kind. Two years ago, her packleader, Leo, stalked her and send off a homicidal werewolf onto her, so that his pack could have an omega which could diffuse his mate's insanity (she controlled her mate, make her pack kill one another and then sell off new model-looking werewolves for money to be guinea pigs). Omega is a very important figure in an alpha-centric pack since werewolves have short fuse with their animal side so they always battle one another to death. Fortunately for Anna, she was mated to Charles henceforth she was able to move away from her abused life in Chicago to follow Charles back to Montana. There she got to know Bran, Samuel and another alpha, Asil who like to provoke Charles whenever he can and weirdly always ask Bran to kill him every few times. The plot centred around incidents involving a rogue werewolf who kept attacking the campers in the forest. Charles was called to find the rogue in the middle of a snow storm. But to catch the killer, he need to be a good bait, so Anna came with him where he found things that are not what it seems. I found the story is a bit too lengthy for a romance novel but full of suspense and intrigue that could fit into any paranormal section next to men dominated section (which had poor romance elements in it.. sorry, I cant take the falling-for-sexy-model-looking-girls-who-stomp-on-their-hearts or all women fall in love and there's threesome love subplot with excessive mention of well rounded bossoms). I like that the victim of this story (which was the main character, anna) developed a backbone against the dominance around her and that even though she was mostly scared and timid with the very strong characterization from everyone (despite Charles trying to be gentle with her), the author didnt really bleed the annoying cinderella-complex thing and instead developed a well-like character who are brave and strong despite all the horrors she've been through. The romance story is kind of a roller-coaster-ride-mash-ups but the actual plot is very entertaining. sidenote: Asil is actually a two thousand years old werewolf being born in 8 AD but I'm surprised that he's a muslim in this story since Islam only came to exist six hundred years after that. Its quite interesting that he prayed on ice.