Alpha & Omega - Patricia Briggs I know I've read this before. But its sort of forgettable... (I dont really read Omega wolves). Its a good story. I'm surprised its a prequel since "Cry Wolf" started so abruptly that I dont really know where it began.Well, its about an abused girl, Anna, who noticed something that was happening which resulted a boy being murdered viciously in an animal attack. Problem is, she's a werewolf and she had last seen the boy as a newly turned werewolf in a cage at her packhouse. She called in to someone who can help who in turn send his trusted executioner/son to Chicago. Charles, an alpha-wolf, recognized the battered woman as his wolf-mate but noticed that she was a rare kind of wolf, an Omega who had an ability to diffuse the emotions of any violent wolves in vicinity. However, she was uninformed of her status and was turned into a wolf unwilling, mistreated, abused, raped and malnourished. So, its up to Charles to set things right.Its a good book, although a tad too long for a novella. I think its a bit too cinderella-like so hence why I forget the book. It didnt strike me enough to make an impression but still a good read for people who like werewolves novels and a bit paranormal politics in it.