Origins - Julie Plec, L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson Has got to be the most boring screen adaptation I've ever read. I like TVD's writers, they always do good cliffhangers but this novel is so lengthy and unnecessary. I could reread Midnight Sun to compare to this. Edward is boring and suffer from Stefan's syndrome. Probably since Stefan is the most annoying-blur character that existed in our universe.... this book is not worth a cent to read. Stefan's prequel was more emotive when watching flashbacks in season 1. Heck, he only grew interesting when he became The Ripper, succumbed into bloodlust and dimmed his humanity switch. For a piece written in American civil war, it doesnt sound like it. I'd expect Gone With The Wind vibe.Words of Caution : You HAVE to adore Stefan to stomach this book. I usually cant stand a book if it had twenty something chapters and at the fifth chapter, its like an inanity, I think reading 140-words of Stefan whiny monologues is much bearable than reading through chapters of it.When will someone come out with Damon's Diaries. Better yet, one smut-like book chronicling the downfall of innocent Damon. Now thats redeemable than this bore.