Serpent's Kiss - Thea Harrison This story is right up to my cup of tea. Enough romance and violence to suit the dark world where this book lived. Although I'm a bit disappointed with the previous book, this one had grant me enough faith in the series.Carling, the vampyre sorceress councillor for the Nighkind, was having difficulties in staying sane and sometimes she went into trance called "fade" which was a dementia symptom for eldest vampires which most didn't survive. From the previous book, Carling followed the Dark Fae entourage and an incident involving the Niniane's mate Tiago made the gryphon sentinel, Rune, to made a bargain with her for a favour. Rune travelled to a shimmering island (yes, I watched FF7:AC yesterday, so sue me) in San Francisco and encountered a moody young vamp, a puppy and a confusing vampyre who only wanted a kiss from him and later throw him out. Being damn stubborn as he was, he refuse to go back to his Wyre Lord and intend to find out whats causing Carling condition which causing her to bend space and time during her fade.The book's take on vampyre bloods medically and biologically made this book a very decent read. Made the hematologist in me happy and the romance is convincing. I'm talking about Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham epic kind of love here. Its an emotional read concerning about faith in the other that transient death. Very dark adult romantic love.