Infinity: Chronicles of Nick - Sherrilyn Kenyon I read dark-hunters series slash paranormal romance when I'm in my teens, and ironically I was reading the young adult in my 20s... thanks for making me feel old...I have to get into 300s pages to finally realize the book is an alternate dimension prequel to the DarkHunters series. So finally, I was able to distract myself with the story and not with the goddamn Twilight-font size and thinking constantly who will be paired up with who and auto-spoil myself when Talon, Kyrian and Ash came into existence. The Nick that I know and read for years is what made the book comfortable in my fandomness. Honestly, no one want to read something that you know will happen. I like the fresh take of younger Nick Gautier and the attempt for our Nick to try to change his past. I adore Fringe so it make sense.And zombies.... my least favourite genre monster. I don't know, I just think it was a bore. I've watched walking dead and etc but being biomedical scientist had somewhat dulled my perception on other people's fictional expression of living dead. I think the formalin-soak dead organs, countless slides and fixing and formaldehyde fumes is getting on to my head. Real dead bodies or REAL organs is what interesting. Movies and books zombies are lame. Thats the honest fact. You dont get to see dehydrated cells and artefacts and biopsies of huge pathological human post-surgical specimens in formalin jar and smell and lack of smell of stuff in books and movies do you?But the zombie apocalypse helped with Nick's storyline and what impressive is that the book happened in less than several days. Thank heavens, I read this book late by several years and I have the rest of the books in my stash. Booyah!