Bad Moon Rising (Hellchaser, #3; Were-Hunter, #5; Dark-Hunter, #17) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunters series aren't a straight forward series. So you can really get into the books when in reality you've skipped a lot of books while reading this for years.Aimee is recognizable as she was the Sanctuary's werebear who help Acheron in the 12th book of the series. Fang is some character in the books I read years before so this book is like a refresher since I haven't really read the entire book series to catch up with who and who. But you'll get into the storyline when things are solved and resolved while more troubles is coming. The books is really open-ended but overall the story is about the forbidden romance between Aimee and Fang. Unlike conventional romance, there's action, some blood and someone's head got chopped off and there's the drama.Its a leisure reading and the story is entertaining when Fang was trapped in a hell dimension when he was betrayed by his father and parts of soul got munched by a lot of Daimons when he and his brother were left to die. Its an overall good read, for fans that is. (I like SK, she's an otaku and a geek.. what not to like?)