A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay It's not really a horror in such sense. There's a lot of plot holes which are rather forgiveable. Its a story of a young boy with his mother dying of cancer. I think its a good book but sometimes I felt it was too personal. I'm not sure... I'm pretty undecided. Its a book that wanted to make you think; in sense intended for the reader's circle that it was aimed. But still, I find a lot of the characters were left with a question mark without any closure. In a sense of story telling, its quite predictable, but I don't know. There was a glaring difference in writing style. Or maybe because the book is pretty short on it own. Cant seem to make up my mind. It is a good book though. But... it would have been greater than just good. Patrick Ness should have explore more than just taking notes from late Siobhan. I had the feeling the writing is too contradicting. Like leaving a hole in your chest and then scratching it to bits. I dont know... there something unsubstantial about the book. Kinda a let down.... or maybe lack of dénouement.