The Exiled Queen - Cinda Williams Chima I'm reading the third book and this review is distracting but I still have ago.Just a recap: Princess Raisa was forced to escape her queendom with Amon after nearly being force to marry the young wizard Micah Bayar. With dangerous wizards in pursue and with her decisions at the brink of war between her father's clan and her mother's queendom, she escaped to Oden's Ford.. a place where three schools lies; wizarding, bard and military. Meanwhile, Hanson Cuff-less Alister with his newly unleashed power that was inherited his ancestry as the last heir of The Demon King, were sent by the Demonai clan to Oden's Ford with Dancer, immediately after the tragedy that ended with the death of his mother and little sister. So far, if the first book is like mix of The Borgias, this book is like that Hallmark movie Earthsea (not the book nor the anime).... and the Lene Kaaberbol Silverhorse books. So far its rather enjoyable although a bit too similar to Harry Potter (worst case scenario if Malfoy himself cause the death of Potter's parents). The flow is moderately predictable with the addition of Crow and such. I guess its fine enough to have the unbearable amount of prose but its a fine read.There's a multi-faceted love story here... but Im glad the writer isn't one of those people who put triangle love in a most selfish self-promoting. The book carries a serious undertone with Han always think murderously to the Bayars and the political strife in the Seven Realms kingdom.Honestly, the book is a good read if you dislike the lengthy characters of "Game of Thrones". The characters in the books is nearly late teens and pretty okay to imagine young adult actors.