The Demon King - Cinda Williams Chima Actually I have a hard time rating this... because of the length, I had my moments of 2 star, 3 stars, 2 stars, 4 stars... but hell, I usually rate all full stars for series. Oh well...So far, the book is really lengthy.... for character development. I know, I always go mad about how sucky people are with character development but hey, this 500 pages is actually tolerable enough. Although I'd admit, the book have fillers but it made sense to the plot so I'm not complaining much at the end. Its a double story of Princess Raisa (coincidently, my niece is called Raesah... hahahahah) with her role as the successor of the throne of Fells who was trapped within the politics of her queendom; and, a reformed streetlord Han Alister who want to make a decent honest living for his family and one day he and his friend, Dancer, encounter a gang of teenage wizard who are setting fire on their hill and Han intervened, and he was left with a curious dark amulet in his hand.Since I want to read the next book now, so let's just say, the book is lengthy, but curiously addictive, good character development, young love/sexual tension and all... It was overall a good book.