The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson I'm really astound with how well written the story is. The archetypical girl with a destiny she was unsure to fulfil, thrown into a political loveless marriage on her 16th birthday and was bombarded with body issues that any girls would relate too. Suddenly she was thrown into the political intrigue and kidnapped to another part of the desert world to lead a resistance to an incoming onslaught of unfriendly forces. Princess Elisa (I forgot her name for a while, the troublesome thing called first pov) raised up onto her feet, facing the heat of the desert's sun, and build up her own wisdom to be a warrior queen of her destiny. Very very poetic.This is one wonderful piece of Young Adult that are very original and for lack of words, very joyfully feminist figure and the greatest I've seen among the mediocre serials of female romance oriented young adult readers that littered the market. The book was fine on its own and deservingly so.It started like a tame version of The Borgias until it become the Game of Thrones. The religion overtone over the whole book was unavoidable (the girl have a Godstone embedded on her stomach doh!) but somehow doesn't bleed like some black and white naiveness that a normal person might accustomed to. The book was never preachy and its comfortable within its genre. One very fascinating read of the day.