Shadow Heir (Dark Swan 4) - Richelle Mead Eugenie Markham series is still one of the better books series that Richelle had written. The last book gives the reader an unexpected ending; Eugenie's shotgun pregnancy, Dorian's betrayal and Kyo's attempt to kill her. Its seems that this queen can't even trust everyone at this stage.True to Mead's style. She enjoyed torturing her characters until each one of them seem to fall into their own miserable ways. Genie (I really hate the name btw, thank god for the 'I's) was adamant not to terminate her pregnancy just to satisfy the prophecies believers and instead back and forth from the gentry plain to the human world just to get her doctor's appointments. When an ambush attack from the Willow Land made its harder for her to keep with her human world jaunts. After careful thinking, she decided to go somewhere no one could find her after the wedding of her guards. With her stepfather in tow, she befriend with a shaman's family and eventually she have her babies a month earlier than the due date (Ding ding to my sis). When Roland came to Eugenie about what happen to the gentry kingdoms, she broken-heartedly left Ivy and Isaac with her foster family and went on to save her kingdoms (plural). A blight had lay waste to the rest of the lands except certain few. Eventually it was obvious to the royalties that it was caused by the High Queen of Yew land; A large kingdom far from their own lands. Volusian revealed that it was the tyrannical Queen's magic that cause endless winter to the seasonal kingdoms and that he used to belong that kingdom. Kiyo came to the picture to help with Eugenie and Dorian to save their kingdoms but this time, Eugenie seem to be disinterest with anything Kyo had to say; because, duh, he still want to kill their own son. So, one journey to go and start a revolution against an evil queen. (cue: once upon a time theme song)Its really hard to put down this book. There's always something happen to them every single chapters and its not that hard to enjoy them. Since Richelle have her own baby while writing this book, its understandable that the book have similar whimsicalness to an average romance book. But the ending gives more to the readers than ever. Cant wait for the next book.