The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest - Stieg Larsson I'm not summarizing this book. You can forget it if you want me to summarize what other people have done for you. Beside its a popular fiction, so I will save you the agony, I'm typing what came into my mind. P/s: be sure to watch Noomi Rapace in the movie version. You can forget Roony Mara's unless you watch the US version for Daniel Craig like I do.I skipped "Flicken.." because the book is near exactly the same as the movie.I've been waiting to read this since 2009 when I saw this book in IKEA's Popular (which was still rare unlike now). I watch the movies then and absolutely love it. But I waited for the US version 's movie as I dislike spoiling myself to the story.But when Malaysia's censorship board started to censor most of the book and officially pulling it off from the cinema, I was pissed off. On my birthday, no less! I've waited since 2009 to watch it and you say you pull it off because too much censorships????So I read the book to calm myself from saying freaking rude words which coincidently with the censorship board lame 3D ads on how censorship 'save' the society from seeing stuff. Rape and woman's violence are not a freaking pornographic contents. Fascist idiots. (oh, I'm quite favourable to the government but not certain ministry... like this fascist internet controlling BS.. etc)The movie was too fast paced that it missed the elements in this book. Mikael Blomkvist was now obsessed with Lisbeth's story, the Sektionen was worried with Zalachenko trying to mess with everything up, the intricate sub-story between Erika's stalker, Monica's affair with Blomkvist, Ekström's case against lisbeth and etc.I've quite enjoyed the substories since I've known by heart the events that happen in "Luftslottet ..", in the previous book, I've never thought that Salander were slandered viciously as a lesbian satanist gang psychopath by the media which is clearly frightening for anyone that you know as innocent. Berger's story with SMP makes sense to me more than in the movie. Mikael is more like a ladiesman he is but now the relationship with Erika is strained and Larsson surprised me a lot when he paired up Mikael with Figuerola but it was not Mikael if he didnt sleep with anyone that's attractive. Hey, Daniel Craig and Michael Nyqvist is darn attractive!The court setting is very emotional intense. Advokat Annika Gianni is very sharp and intuitive. In fact, reading this makes the movie more personal. Teleborian is slimy but the movie give me some basis on how his character would be. Anders Ahlbom had done well in my head while he was busy ranting about how pathologically problematic Salander is and insist of her mental state based on something from 1991. (I was 3 when 12 years old Lisbeth threw a milk carton filled with gasoline on her father and burn him... waaa)The movie spoiled me the story. I expected that... but reading the book does not spoil me to watch the movie again. Its still enjoyable, facial expressions and the language is still fresh. I pronounce the name well while reading the book and I'm surprised with the minimal cursing in this book. I am always curious on what happen that lead Lisbeth doctor to give the DNA book to her (I read medical journals a lot and rarely I read them with interest... things that matter : abstract, methodology, discussions.. not all stuff written on tiny font 10, okay?) and the book helps with the characterization in MY own crime psychology book on serial acid attacker. I'm still mulling about the social commentary and how to interpret it without sounding too ambitious so Larsson does help me in some bit. He took the story as a journalist would take, while I would have tone that down and emphasize on the pathophysiology. Its interesting when you took certain points of views.However, I still maintain the first book is much better. Lisbeth were more engaging in the Harriet Vagner case than Flicken and Luftslottet.-------btw, why should you censor an R-rated movie when you already put 18-PL on it? Couldnt you get the censored singaporean version? In fact, I hated my tv time with Starhub because they censored Dexter so heavily. Kita serupa?