The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson I've watched "Män Som Hatar Kvinnor" on late 2009 and gobble up all the Millennium movie series and adore Noomie Rapace. I've tried laying off this book for more than a couple years because last year, I found out that they're definitely making an American version so I dont want to spoil myself. But hell, Malaysia release the movie in the cinema on FEBRUARY 2012 instead of a day after my friggin birthday on 21st december 2011. Damn, I'm definitely pissed off. Since its bound to have countless unnecessary censorships and crop out screentime, its definitely a waste of money since this movie is definitely filled with necessary explicitness. Ok... since I found the series via movies so, I am happy to say... If you watch the movie, reading the book is more satisfying than watching it. You don't spoil yourself anything. But Noomie Rapace is always always always always always always always always Lisbeth Salander. The End. Nada! Zilch!The book is highly descriptive; there barely have any dialogues in it so its probably up to a reader's way to interpret it and made the movie original at certain point. I can guess why some people couldn't appreciate the book because the nearly lack of Lisbeth in it. Honestly? This book series is called Millennium, not Lisbeth Salander Northern Escapades series. Btw, I'm am economy-knowledge challanged so its sort of interesting read too. Man Som Hattar Kvinnor (honestly, Swedish title is more nicer to the tongue than the wordy "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" or "Man Who Hate Woman"'s grammatically stunted title...) is about the Millennium CEO, Mikael Blomkvist who are charged with libel (or defamation) to (God, these Swedish names is so hard to pronounce with normal keyboard) an industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström. He was sentenced to jail and had to pay fees, his journalistic reputation besmirched (I do love this word) and everything seems to fall around his head until he get an unexpected call via Frode, a lawyer from Hedestad, asking for Mikael's investigative journalist skills for a free lance assignment from a retired mega-CEO Henrik Vagner who knew Mikael when he was a toddler. His assignment was to spend a year investigating what happen to Henrik's brother's granddaughter, Harriet who vanished in the 60s. Mikael was supplied with endless folders of past investigation with only several true leads; a list of names in a phone book and a picture of Hariet at a children's day. (At this point, the movie is totally a different fiction than this book.)A subplot was added, namely; Lisbeth Salander who were brought in when Frode asked Milton's security (where Lisbeth worked as a PI) for a depth research on Mikael Blomkvist. Lisbeth was a 25 years old, self-learn hacker who was a victim of the system. The subplots were consistent with Mikael's investigation that it comes to no surprise when Mikael finally hired Lisbeth that the story get along as it is.Since its highly descriptive, I know a lot of people would call this book a fad but truthfully, I cant stand reading descriptive fantasy, so descriptive contemporary is sort of like reading something out of a newspaper. Its subjective to others but definitely enjoyable. Other than reading about weirdly fascinating world of cooperate espionage... Reg Keeland does include weird phrases that I need to look up to like 'gallimaufry' which is really weirdly educative for me. This book is definitely worth rereading and digesting. Its not really hard to imagine Noomie Rapace and Michael Nyqvist/Daniel Craig in this book. Honestly, I like Daniel Craig better because of his abs but hey, Daniel Craig is actually the same/similar age for Mikael Blomkvist than Micheal Nyqvist. Jeez.. its like James Bond all over.And some of the issues that were raised are Mikael's casual sexual escapades. Its understandable that I found generally people doesn't like reading anything above 40's sex. But honestly, he wasnt that promiscuous. I don't really see whats wrong with a 40-something Swedish uncommitted guy having consensual sex with random people who he know. Aih....and I would have preferred watching Daniel Craig in any form of deshabillement like any 23 years old could. But hey, Lisbeth is also near my age so... subjective? yeah