Sinner  - Ted Dekker I'm kind of surprised that the book is intended to be read in circle and there was no 1st in any turn... so this book is the first for me despite it being said as the third book of the series. Although I think the initial religion approach in near future society is interesting, but half of it was a bit ludicrous... especially with the bit about Johnny and his near utopia influence on the people. Darcy is likable in the beginning but she began to be corrupted with the power she held in persuading people. The religion practices is kinda overt but it did cover the entire book. I'm a muslim are a bit weird out about the arabs calling people infidel and "go burn in hell!" (I think I always get that in True Blood only its not by muslims...). Its kind of overt but if you are open to the book, it kinda make sense.Everyone seems to be bursting it seams of racial and religion hatred. By changing the amendment into more absolute pro-tolerance, the book effectively hypothesise an american situation if someone proudly showing off their own religion, they broke the law and need to be punished. How dystopian...In this book, its like reading books by Tun Mahathir. Lots of philosophy in this book. I kind of like it in some weird way. Is it rereadable? Hmm.... that is a question.