The False Princess - Eilis O'Neal I actually made a review yesterday but the connection went awry and it got lost.The False Princess is a fantasy YA novel with magic and the allure of political intrigue that was prevalent throughout the chapters. It have slightly romantic undertones but the characterization and words flow were appallingly engaging. The story started with Princess Nalia and her best friend, Keirnan found a forgotten ancient map of the palace. Later, she was called to a meeting where she suddenly was stripped out of her identity completely when her parents revealed that she was a commoner, a fake decoy princess who is an orphan named Sinda. She was brought to the palace when she was still a baby and was glamoured by a spell that give her a royal birthmark and mask her blood with a brand of royal enchantment. Once the princess replaced her, she was immediately sent to live with her poor desolated aunt and left the palace, her royal parents and Kiernan. Feeling out of place with her new dispelled-self, she found magic in her blood that are so potent and unpredictable that she had to escape from her only living relative. With newly improved inner strength and determination, she managed to stumble herself into one of the most dangerous conspiracy that could threatened the kingdom of Thorvaldor and the lives of her loved ones.Now back to the book, I dont know how I could miss this book but it certainly one of my favourite YA fantasy novel to date. The plot flowed very well like Lene Kaaberbol's books and there's hardly any fillers in it. Every scenes were interconnected like a logic maze and the intricate mystery could make Miyazaki Hayao wish he could make this book into a better movie than the one his son, Miyazaki Goro, made. The book is a mixture of magic inside a coming-of-age female empowerment character and drizzled with a conspiracy theory inside a magical compendium. I've read a lot of fantasy novels since grade schools and personally this is much better than the popular books I've read because they make movies out of it.