Wake Unto Me - Lisa Cach actually, I want to read the next book after "Come To Me" but suddenly I was very intrigue with the story until I realized this is a YA novel. Near 2011, Caitlyn was plagued by nightmarish creatures every night. She kept a dream journal with her to record her dreams but often sketching her nightmares in it. Suddenly she received a scholarship to a private school in France and while she was there she began to have recurring dreams of a 19 year old Gabriel who lived it the 16th century and an adoptive son of Bianca de Medici, a fictious Vatican cardinal's mistress who is burned on a stake as a witch by Pope Pius and became the reason to unite the soulmates together with an unburnt heart of Bianca which are said to contain the psychic powers that Bianca had.Absolutely astounded with the information in it that I was slightly double-eyed as my knowledge on 16th century political France are very vague and limited to the 15th century's Borgias family, 18th century's Marie Antoinette and 19th century's Napolean Bonaparte. A lot of mentions on Templars treasures, artworks, paintings, italian and french royalties, Karst formations, italian and archaic french. It might be of interest to some but I skip most of it since French history wasn't very interesting to me and I was more in focus on the star-crossed characters. Before anyone began to lump this into YA romance genre... the book contains a lot of sub-genras : paranormal, time-travelling, history, thriller, crime, suspense. More like a noir gothic fiction from the tone of the book.Lisa Cach is one of the adult authors who are able to make a satisfying young adult readings. No good author should start with the young adult genre.