Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 9) - Kresley Cole Finished with the whole series... shall be waiting for the next one in 2012. Got to say - the male lead, the reincarnated Berserker, is the most masochistic lead from the series... he's in a very gray area of good and evil, the actual side-antagonist of the previous one and actual antagonist half of the book. Not a read from those who expect less complicated storytelling.Weird, all the books from Kresley Cole's Valkyrie's series (besides the first one) have nearly 50 chapters and seems to be very thick and weirdly enough I didn't get tired from reading most of it. Fast paced, a lot of unpredictabilities, everything in the series happens for a reason (The romance in the book is because of the coming Ascension, so everyone seems to get their mates and procreate) Someone should make a movie out of the books.... The Lore in this books is very fascinating, like having all different kind of dolls to play... not a monotonous supernatural series at all - like Christine Feehan.