The Restorer - Amanda Stevens I'm so glad its written as a a series. The book was simply magnificent. Its not my usual reads since stories related to cemetery and graves are mostly heavily influenced with Christian-elements which are not my interest but I've played enough Nancy Drew games to enjoy secret tunnels and investigative clues. I've got to say, the characters were very well thought of. One mystery led to another. None of them were too fictional and over simplified. The details were very thorough and realistic that I could smell the dampness and the molds that is so vivid for a person who never been to any christian graves (but I had enough Silent Hill and Alawar HOG mystery games that everything seems to be substantial and visualizable).Its too dark that I simply had to put a Silent Hill song on loop to just fit the mood while reading it. Listening to haunting piano strummings while reading about impending doom does make a combination for erector pili innervation (my prof use this word on facebook and so I just had to put it in). Am I recommending it to anyone? I think everyone who enjoys a good paranormal thriller and mystery would enjoy this book. Thanks to Ann Aguire for introducing this book to me. Amanda Stevens had caught my attention and deserved every glory bit of it.