The Malorie Phoenix - Janet Mullany I have some misgivings about the book earlier on while I read it and then the later parts where it get interesting. The book are like Harlequin's modern contemporary romance being dumped into historical romance section. I like the idea of a thief meeting with a gentleman but they have really quick speed within a couple minutes they've met. Someone would have done it a bit classier. And of course, the drama in which their first sex meant a successful conception in which a sickly Jenny Smith gave up her child to her lover who had just had the worst moment in his life and subsequent title. And quickly it flash forward in which Jenny Smith are now hired to impersonate a woman who later she found herself face to face with her former lover and her own child. The premise is convincing but the whole book is not. They have some kind of attraction between them that sometimes didnt work and the other time Benedict are like possessive nymphomaniac and kept pressuring Jenny and suddenly they have a scandal (?!) and then they have to get married. Of course, there's a good villain and the usual Victorian society and then the romance...Honestly, I was a bit confused with the flow of the story as it kept going from filler to descriptive to filler and the character were very unpredictable and confusing the heck out of me. What made it worst was that the narration interchange between Jenny and then Benedict calling her Evelina. I had read a lot of these types of writing before but still its very distracting. Well it does have a good ending which is a bit repetitive in any historical romances but somehow this time it doesn't work for me. At most time, I feel the book was forced into the historical romance genre. I find its weird but not all unreadable.