The Tycoon's Convenient Wife - Ros Clarke I'm trying to clear my Kindle freebies shelf and frankly I'm getting tired with these things. Why did I ever download these kind of stuff? I think I have a bipolar when I see the Amazon free ebook lists. This book is roll out like an average Harlequin romance. But the characters are boring to abrim. The male character apparently in need of a wife for a business proposition and then went to find his old friend to masquerade as his wife. The girl had a crush for him for years and apparently she never get over it even though he later did get married and have kids and went through a divorce. So the guy swept his old friend off her feet, instead of marrying her, she ask for an engagement instead and so they went around acting like affianced couple while both have hot eyes for each other. They had some moments, show off about their relationship and then the girl leave when the guy's son had an accident and there's some show of jealousy and then the guy realized that he's in love with her and there's some groveling. Basically, the story is a tad predictable and barely had any redeeming quality to make it noticeable among the average romance in the market. Plus, its quite sanitized too.