Nutrition Of The Rabbit - Carlos de Blas, Julian Wiseman I adopted a rabbit from a shelter some several months ago and grew increasingly frustrated by the amount of rabbit nutrition advices and information in websites which often differs and the fact that most pet rabbit feed often have less amount of information and more to filling the entire wrapping space with all European languages.This journal is packed with citation for research use and are suitable read to understand the physiology of rabbit's nutritional need and quite a dietary reference for breeders and researchers. I have a background in laboratory animal handling myself and found this useful into my understanding a rabbit's diet. There's also a chapter reserved to pet rabbit which is more useful read than most of the earlier chapters since they're more focussed on rearing a rabbit for weight gain and slaughter than for long-term survival pets. Since there are no pet nutritionist available to me and even if they did, I found its harder to find a rabbit expert around. This book does provide more depth and well-studied facts and numbers and a brief general read on the anatomy and physiology of a rabbit and basic nutrition science itself which are accessible for pet owners wanting for more information.