General Rules: Writing with Military Precision

Grammar Rules: Writing with Military Precision - Craig Shrives One of the attractiveness about this book is how the author of uses his occupation as a military officer and associate it with his grammatical abilities. I myself isn’t quite a grammar nazi myself and sometimes is frustrated by my usage of English which developed from my 17 years of formal education in British English and my continuous habit in reading what mostly American literature that I couldn’t differentiate any inconsistencies between my own writing. Since I am stronger in Science, my language ability is divided into certain degrees of fluency under common tongue with Malaysian Mangled English to formal British tongue to scientific english which is another world of its own by the way.I tried brushing up on my grammar with some exercises but what it usually does was making me used to answering questions perfectly instead of applying it. Maybe because I don’t really use English other than reading and writing and watching television series since my home is still Malay-speaking household so maybe I still have some work to do on my fluency as a writer. But it does give me a slight disadvantage especially on writing fiction.But one of the obvious thing was my inconsistencies with British English and American English understanding. That is also one of the reason why I purchased this book.Written in quite relaxed but coherent ways of teaching grammars. It was intended for regular native speaker of English instead of the common English as a Second Language books in the market, the book goes straight to the point about the problems the author encountered with native speakers. Like how to differentiate certain words with similar sounds but different meanings. Most common mistakes like the use of apostrophes, dashes (which reminded me of how Stephenie Meyer overused it in her books), semi colons, and etc which can be read from his own grammar site.I do think its a good book for learners and English speakers as it is funny in a weird academical way (well, I’ve spent a good percentage of my time in lectures laughing during biochemistry so its not like it wasn’t unheard of) and the ease of reading it is without sounding preachy made this book a good companion to be had whenever you’re confused with things.Besides, the author included some of his experience in his writing which made the book autobiographical in some sense.