Scorched - Mari Mancusi I've been worried about this book from the ratings and frankly my worries are unfounded since the story was fantastic. Scorched is a YA Urban Fantasy started with a boy who came from the future to prevent an apocalypse that centered around a girl. Sounded like Terminator right? Only with a smidgen of Reign of Fire. Trinity Foxx, an orphan girl who live with her dinosaur-loving grandfather, who was struggling with the finance of his museum which Trinity took over. Unfortunately, her grandfather managed to procure a rare item with what was left of the billing money Trinity had given from pawning her mother's ring. It turns out to be a million years old dragon egg which was destined to be with Trinity and was called Emberlyn or Emma. The boy from the future, Connor, pop up to prevent her from bonding with the dragon but failed and apparently the government got wind up with the news of the dragon egg and tried to confiscate it. In the original future timeline, the government stole the dragon from Trinity and began to cultivate clone hybrids in which went rogue and decimate most of the world population. It began when the future Trinity rescued Emma from the facility and began a dragon right group called Dracken. But when Connor came to the past, he use his psychic ability to show Trinity the consequences of her action in the future and convince her that Emma should never hatch. Of course, things doesn't always go as planned.Scorched is an easy read much like the Blood Coven series. Although there are some movie and gaming reference littered around the chapters, its not hard to get caught up with the plight of Trinity. The novel play around the idea of the fate of a future rest on the shoulder of one girl and it was portrayed fluently as the journey goes on. I do enjoy the earlier Terminator movies and the story is subtle enough that it doesn't completely rip off from the first movie. Instead of one Kyle Reese we have TWO Reeses with a deep blood feud in this book which was Connor the Dragon Hunter and the other Caleb the Dragon Rider/Warrior (?). There's also a Buffy and World of Warcraft reference which was expected coming from the author and as a gamer girl, I already like Trinity by proxy. *high five!* Although I am a bit disappointed with the lack of "come with me if you wanna live" quote but the museum scene would still do.There are also a balance of dragon action and some human nature which round out the story completely in preparation of the future series. But for a first novel, Scorched is quite a strong novel to start with and as a stand alone. The romance are less prominent although there are enough triangle attraction going on with the characters which doesn't convoluted to the story and probably will be expanded as time goes on. There were also the mechanics with the time travel paradox and the technologies which are vague around this book which I didn't expect it to be venture even further with future installments.I do like it that the complications and details surrounding dragons are explained and taken to consideration. For a dragon-themed novel, it doesn't held out on the dragon part like Seraphina and Game of Thrones or Eon or The Hobbit did. From the beginning to the end, Scorched is about dragons and it show off the dragons from the beginning to the end. I don't think I ever enjoyed a YA dragon novel like this one since I've been reading up on mostly dragon-themed adult books these days. Now I wished I haven't finish this book too early because Mari, I really want to see that second book release date and it better to come quick.