Mechanical Rose - Nathalie Gray Mechanical Rose is a steampunk Victorian adult romance about Eleanor, a lady-assassin who impersonate as a guest to an inventor, Leeford Gunn, after her 'society's intelligent revealed his inventions are linked to a notorious psychopathic criminal. As Violet, she was sent to kill him or to stop his invention, she unwittingly fallen for the shy and elusive gentleman who hid a passionate nature underneath. On a race against time, she needed to finish the mission and even risk her heart to a man she had betrayed or the world will be drawn into chaos.As a whole novel, although the chemistry are possibly unrealistic but the world-building and the characters made the book worthy of investment. Highly paced, action packed and steamy at most part, it won't dissappoint readers of the specific genre and those who wanted to read a short romance as a light reading. It is an interesting addition the the steampunk romance genre and befitting the conventional expectation of an adult fiction.I do notice the book does poorly in character development especially with the short duration of time the book consisted of, but the quips between the main character does save the storyline from falling apart. Its fun when it last though.